Quation Group Pty Ltd

Maria LandrelliRalph Rossteuscher 

In 2006, Maria Landrelli and Ralph Rossteuscher co-founded Bookkeeping Biz in a Box to assist bookkeepers and financial accountants who wish to setup their own successful accounting and bookkeeping business.

They were confident that they could this, as they had been successful in building their own businesses which involved helping clients grow their businesses. Maria and Ralph have assisted 600+ businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In 2012, Maria and Ralph realised that with the introduction of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 that there were new barriers presenting themselves due to the legislative requirements of registration as a BAS Agent. These barriers prevented many accountants and bookkeepers from starting their own business as a BAS Agent.

This prompted them to expand on the Bookkeeping Biz in a Box formula and they formed Quation Group Pty Ltd and count8.  This business addresses the need in the marketplace for quality training and the gaining of relevant experience as required by Tax Practitioners Board to allow them to start their own business.

Bookkeeping Biz in a Box Maria Landrelli & Ralph Rossteuscher

Quation Group is the foundation on which its two pillars — count8 and Bookkeeping Biz in a Box (BBB) — are built.

count8 caters to new accountants and bookkeepers who simply want to gain accounting knowledge and experience, with a view of gaining employment or starting their own accounting and bookkeeping business, using best systems and practices.

BBB caters to existing accountants and bookkeepers who simply want to increase their knowledge base and learn the best systems and bookkeeping practices available on the market today.

Visit our new website www.quationgroup.com.au to find out more information


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